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"Folding Kayaks & Sea"


1995 February: Winter camping solo in Middle Sweden
Eastern: Canoeing in Southern Sweden
August & September: 5 weeks hiking in Swedish and Norwegian Lapland (northern part of Scandinavia) [picture, close to the Norwegian border]
December/January '96: Winter camping in Middle Sweden
1996 August - October: India, Nepal, Tibet by bike, train, bus, hitch-hiking and hiking [picture, 119K]
1997 December '96/January '97: Winter camping in Middle Sweden
August: Sea Kayaking at the Aland Islands (Northern Baltic Sea) [picture]

March: Sea Kayaking at the Turkish Southwest coast (Mediterranian Sea) May: Kayaking at the Drawa (River in Northwest-Poland)
November: Sea Kayaking at the Portugese south-coast (Algarve)

1999 March: Warnowtour im Vorfrühling
May: Kayaking at the Masuren, north-eastern Poland
July: Circumnavigating Hiddensee: sea kayaking at the Baltic Sea
August: White Water kayaking at the Salza, Austria
2000 December: Darss-Umrundung (Ostsee) [pictures, German trip report]



Pouch RZ 85 (built approx. 1972). I got it as a present in 1997. I have been infected by the folding kayak virus, since.
Kumari is Nepalese and is the name of a human-goddess (a girl that is godess until she looses a drop of blood). You might translate it as princess or virgin.

Adaitsimut KTW E 65. Built approx. 1955 by the precedessor of Pouch. It is still amazingly strong and both frame and skin don't show any sign of weekness.
Adaitsimut (say Adaatsimoot) is a word of a Greenlandic dialect and stands for "forwards together".
Qajaq Gesa Moell (Möll) greenlandic style folding kayak. This kayak has been built in the 1960's as a white water touring kayak. It had been advertised in classifieds. The frame is still in a wonderful shape but the skin needs to be replaced.


Work at paddle-related Websites

I maintain the websites of

  • Pouch-Unofficially
    an independent and non-commercial website about Pouch folding kayaks and how to use them
  • Kanu-Connection
    a commercial website for and about my local (and favorite!) canoe & kayak dealer in Berlin, Germany
  • (in collaboration with Jürgen Hoh)
    the non-commercial German folding kayak ressource on the net. Dealing with a lot of folding kayak related aspects., 26th January 2000